There is a shortage of live donors because:
1) Lack of education and knowledge of the process of being a live donor.

Financial concerns during the recovery when they aren’t able to work  
for approximately 6 weeks.

(*Medicare will only pay for end care Renal (chronic kidney) disease).
*According to the National Kidney Foundation.
Our Goal is to financially (during the recovery time)
help people who have given the gift of life by donating a kidney.
We are raising money for the living expenses of patients who have received
a kidney transplant & for the live donors who give the gift of life.

Kidney Disease has jumped by 30% since 2004.

Over 300,000 Americans with end stage renal (chronic kidney) disease rely
on dialysis to keep them alive.  67,000 people die of kidney failure each year.
Dialysis patients of Colorado chart
Dialysis Patients in Colorado:  Percentage of each group is shown in the above graph.
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