Dialysis patients of Colorado chart
Dialysis Patients in Colorado:  Percentage of each group is shown in the above graph.
Letter from Kadesha Duggan
Dear Mission Group,

My name is Kadesha Duggan.  I am 23 years old.  I lost both
my legs and four fingers when I was 11 months old, due to
severe diarrhea.  I received medication from the local hospital,
but unfortunately I developed gangrene which is the cause of
my misfortune.  My parents tried in many ways to help me gain
some independence by making temporary carriages and legs.  
However, they never seem to work well and caused more
physical pain.  Therefore, I started making my own knee-wear
from used sneakers.  My plea is for a pair of artificial legs to
help me move around without pain and less difficulty.  Because
of my inability to get a round I was not able to finish school
which is something I really want to do.  I want to become a
journalist in the future.  I thank you in advance for your effort
and I pray God’s blessing on you.  I love you very much in
Christ Jesus.

A note from Pastor Errol Vermont:

Approximately four years ago Pastor George Quansah and I visited
Jamaica to attend my uncle’s funeral.  We stayed in the village
where I was born.  Kadesha came to visit; we had fellowship and
talked about her misfortune of loosing her legs and fingers.  The
amazing thing is that Kadesha never gave up hope; she constantly
smiled and emphasized the need of prosthesis to enable her to learn
a skill and assist her parents.  I was touched by her desire to help
her parents, even in her predicament; she puts the needs of her
parents first.  
The experience and desire to help is so overwhelming that I have
made it a mission to help secure funds for her prosthesis and
education.  It is for this reason we are depending on your help for

Thank you,
Pastor Errol Vermont
Thank you for your help
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